Opening festivities include:

DAY OF MUSIC, Ojai’s Community & Arts Celebration
Sunday, June 5

Festivities are FREE and begin at 11:00 am in the Fountain Plaza with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Then join us at 11:40 as we make another grand entry into Libbey Park and move towards the new Libbey Bowl stage. Surprises await those who join us for the procession and initial festivities! Three stages of entertainment, interactive booths, interactive park performers, family barbecue and other food vending provide for a full day of fun, followed by evening finale all-star performances.


Noon Julie Christensen, National Anthem
12:05 Julie Tumamait, Blessing
12:10 Mayor Carol & Ribbon Cutting
12:15 Noble Creatures
12:50 Tonalli Aztec Dance
1:10 NHS Wind Ensemble
1:30 Roger Kellaway
1:50 Ojai Big Band
2:20 Rain Perry & Jimmy Calire
2:30 Madrigali Singers
2:40 Ojai Youth Symphony
3:00 Alan Thornhill
3:25 Bob Jones Trio
3:55 K.I.D. Rick & Wordsauce
4:35 Ojai World Music Ensemble
5:05 Ted Lennon Band
5:30 Sunny Erickson Band
6:10 Ojai Mardi Gras Band
7:00 Jonathan McEuen & Friends
7:45 Jimmy Calire Trio & The One Time Only Choir


12:30 Agape Mime Team
12:45 Elyse Atkinson
1:00 Reid DeFever
1:20 Grace Notes
1:40 Aron Van Alstine
2:05 Peter Sterling & Friends
2:40 Household Gods
3:10 Julie Christensen
3:30 Eric Harrington Trio
4:00 Ojai Cammerata
4:20 Biig Burd & the Heebie-Jeebies
4:50 Cirque de Ojai / A Paulina Production
5:10 Smitty & Julija
5:45 We Govern We
6:15 Jacob Scesney & Family Affair


12:30 Nathaniel Wolper & Jan
12:45 Kai Clark
1:00 Restless Hillfillies
produced by Patricia Cardinale, Julija Zonic, & Smitty West
with Brooke Weston, Jem Ruf, Taylor Luchenbach,
Jayce Cheldin, Jory Cheldin, Chiya Newman
Sophie Massey, Marie Short, Pia Zonic, Tanner Gross,
Eva Beebe, Lauren West, Anna Cabarga, Sarah Van Son
and Ami Wallmark

3:00 Robbie Sheppard
3:20 Jon Swift
3:40 Noel Douglas Roth
4:00 Candace & Fern
4:20 Erich Lenk
4:40 Mayahuel Aztec Dancers
5:00 Rabbit McKay
5:20 Lanny Kaufer
5:40 Julie Tumamait

Spoken Word Artists Throughout the Day!
Marilyn Miller, John Aaron, Sequoia Hamilton, and numerous other
“word” artists associated with Ojai WordFest, Ojai Writers Conference,
the Ojai Improv Group, and Elevate Studios

Interactive Booths Throughout the Day!
Bravo Music Education Outreach
Ignite! Creative Learning with Katie Haydon
Education Through Music with Joann Yabrof
Chumash Stories and More with Julie Tumamait

Special Thanks to Ojai Valley Bank

Special Thanks to Frank Massarella for the Day of Music Commemorative Bowl

Special Thanks to the Day of Music Host Committee:
Susan Anderson
Marty Babayco
Jimmy Calire
Cindy Frings, Sidewalk Art
Linda Harmon
Jeff Haydon
Robin Halverson
Kim Hoy
Jody James
Joan Kemper, Chair
Judy Piazza, Producer
Andy Radford
Alan Thornhill
Bill Wagner

And more special thanks to:
Lynn Malone and Gillian McMannus

To the Honor Guard

To our stage MC’s:
Peter Bellwood, Gai Jones, Jim Lashley, Peter Fox, Frank Malle, Buddy
Wilds, Marty Babayco, Holly Ferguson, and Jaye Hersch

To our stage managers:
Eric Moser, Ryan Strand, Melissa, Brossy Reina, Marlene Luckman

And to the volunteers, vendors, and community of Ojai for making the
Day of Music a resounding success.